TV films

Poster : Munch Munch (2018)
by Frederic Berthe

Tv Serie for TF1 with Isabelle Nanty, Lucien Jean-Baptiste
Poster : The Innocents The Innocents (2017)
by Frederic Berthe

Serie 8 8 episods for Tf1 with Tomer Sisley
Poster : Kaboul Kitchen - Season 3 Kaboul Kitchen - Season 3 (2016)
by Guillaume Nicloux

3° Season, 12 episods of 28 minutes for Canal Plus.
With Simon Abkarian, Benjamin Bellecourt, Alexis Michalik, Stephane de Groodt, Stephanie Pasterkamp, Fayssal Azizi, Karina Testa
Poster : Midnight Sun Midnight Sun (2015)
by Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein

French-Swedish series produced by Canal +
with Leila Bekhti
Poster : Versailles Versailles (2014)
by Jalil Lespert

TV serie for Canal +
2nd crew
Poster : Transporter: the series Transporter: the series (2012)
by Brad Turner

with Chris Vance & François Berléand
Poster : R.I.S. Scientific Police R.I.S. Scientific Police (2007 à 2013)

3rd to 8th Seasons
Production: TF1
Poster : Clara Sheller Clara Sheller (2008)
by Alain Berliner

Season 2 : six 52 minutes films for France 2 channel
Production: Scarlett-Paris
with Zoé Félix, Patrick Mille, François Vincentelli, Patrick Bouchitey
Poster : Central nuit (Night Squad) Central nuit (Night Squad) (2007)

Season 6
Production: GTV
Serie created by Olivier Marchal
with Michel Créton
Poster : Dolmen Dolmen (2007)
by Didier Albert

TV Serie for TF1 channel
with Yves Rénier, Hippolyte Girardot, Georges Wilson
Poster : Par Amour (For Love) Par Amour (For Love) (2003)
by Alain Tasma

with Marthe Keller
Poster : Magnet Of Doom Magnet Of Doom (2001)
by Bernard Stora

Shot in Venezuela
Production: GMT
with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Samy Naceri, Julie Depardieu
Poster : rastignac rastignac (2001)
by Alain Tasma

with Jean-Pierre Cassel, Jocelyn Quivrin, Zabou Breitman, Michel Aumont
Poster : Zirat Ha'Rezach Zirat Ha'Rezach (1996)
by Amos Gitai

Documentary film follozing Yitzhak Rabin's death
with Samuel Calderon, Aviv Geffen